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  • What is included in the removal service?
    The removal service includes taking all of the items from where they are currently in your property, disassembling and reassembling furniture if needed, securing and protecting your belongings with moving blankets during transportation and placing all of the items in their relevant places in your new property.
  • What is included in the packing service?
    The packing service includes placing your personal belongings like clothes, books, kitchenware, souvenirs and others into boxes and, if needed, wrapping and padding them with paper or bubble wrap so that everything is safe and ready for transportation. We can also stretch-wrap or bubble-wrap bigger items like mirrors or furniture for additional protection during transportation or for long-term storage. All of the materials needed for the service are charged based on a price list which we provide alongside the quotes for packing and materials. Once your items are delivered to the destination address, we can also offer unpacking services to take the items out of their boxes and place them wherever you instruct us to.
  • What about unpacking?
    If needed, we can also unpack your boxes or wrapped furniture, mirrors and other personal belongings like clothes, books and kitchenware and place them in the appropriate places in your new property.
  • What is the disposal service?
    With the disposal service, we can get rid of your old furniture, appliances, boxes or any other personal belongings and take them to a disposal centre. Those services are charged on the hourly rate and have an additional fee charged by the disposal centre, calculated on the total weight of the items.
  • How does storage work?
    If you need long or short term storage, whether it’s just for boxes or all of your household furniture and appliances, we can tell you what size storage you will require and negotiate a competitive quote with one of the big storage companies that we work with. The storage is usually charged on a weekly or monthly basis and you are always welcome to extend the period of storage if needed.
  • When do we do removals and other services?
    We provide all of our services 7 days a week and we work with morning, afternoon and full day slots. The times for those are flexible depending on your requirements, and when needed, we work long hours into the evening to make sure that the job is finished.
  • How to get a quote?
    To prepare an accurate quote, we require a list of items to be moved, addresses and details about the properties between which you are moving, information about access and parking, details about the services needed and any other specific requirements that you might have. If your property is larger than two bedrooms or you require a lot of packing and unpacking, we recommend doing an on-site viewing or video review of the property so that we can prepare an accurate fixed price offer. To get in touch with us and request a quote you can give us a call, use the form on our website or click here.
  • How do you make a booking?
    Once you are satisfied with the quote that we have offered and all the details about the services are confirmed, we take a deposit and secure a time and date for the start of the service. If any details about the service change after that, feel free to let us know and we would be happy to amend the quote or booking.
  • Do we offer on-site viewings of properties?
    Yes. If your property is larger or you have a lot of items and specific requirements, if you require packing and unpacking services or your items require special care, we can offer an on-site survey of your property, which will allow is to prepare an accurate fixed price offer.
  • Can we do a video survey?
    You are welcome to send us videos, photos, item lists or any other information that you have about your move, which will alow us to offer much more accurate pricing. You can do so via WhatsApp or over email.
  • What to do about parking?
    Parking needs to be arranged by the customer for any services that we provide. If there is no suitable parking near your property, loading and unloading times may be much longer which will affect the final cost for the service. If you need help or advice about arranging parking, we would be happy to help.
  • Are there items that we are not able to move?
    Please note that we won’t be able to move any pets, dangerous or hazardous materials, stolen or illegal goods, weapons, firearms, bio-hazardous or explosive materials.
  • When do we take payments?
    We require the full payment by cash, card or bank transfer at the completion of a service, once the total duration and cost is confirmed. If your service is based on a fixed price, you may be asked to pay during the unloading process.
  • How do we charge for our services?
    We charge for our services based on an hourly rate, relative to the number of people and vehicles that you require. Once we have all the information about your moving requirements, we can give you an accurate estimation or a fixed price offer.
  • What insurance do we have in place?
    We are fully insured for damages to your property or your goods during transportation. For more details on the coverage and conditions, please contact us or check our terms and conditions.
  • What is our cancellation policy?
    When you make a booking with us, we take a deposit to reserve a timeslot and a team for your, and decline any other bookings for that slot. If you decide to change the time or date of your booking, we can do so as long as there is availability for the new date and time requested and more than 10 days' notice has been provided. If there is no availability or if you want to cancel your booking altogether and there is more than 14 days’ notice before your initial booked time slot, we will refund the deposit.

The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

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